I’m passionate about creating digital experiences. My projects range from media-centric productions to e-commerce projects focused on conversion.

Vaporize.com.au is a site dedicated to selling botanical vaporizers and educating consumers about the benefits of vaporization.Vaporize.com.au Best seen as a ‘less unhealthy’ alternative to combustion based smoking, botanical vapor does not contain the high levels of carcinogens and toxins found in typical smoke. Inspired by an interview with the founder of Thermovape and how he developed the product to reduce incidences of lung cancer. What started as Vaporize.com.au is now a growing network that includes VapePens.com.au, AromaVapes.com.au & Vape.TV

DigitalMarketing.TV is my latest project in progress. DigitalMarketing.TV aims to be a communication hub for people in the digital media and marketing industries.DigitalMarketing.TV Logo
My ambition is to create a platform that will allow agencies, clients, vendors and industry leaders communicate with each other about the Digital Marketing industry.