Working at Starcom was a great experience. I joined Starcom as the first permanent in house SEO consultant in the Sydney office. After believing for many years that ‘good SEO’ is more about media execution than traditional SEO link building, working at Starcom was a good opportunity to explore the effects of media investment as a whole on natural search performance.

My main focus during the year at Starcom was managing the Virgin Mobile SEO account. Much of the SEO at Virgin was about creating the initial analysis and then pushing technical and structural optimisations through a busy development environment. I joined the Virgin team during the Fair Go Bro campaign. This was another great opportunity to explore the effects of media and campaign performance on a brand’s search visibility.

Starcom’s ‘space for ideas’ culture made it a really good place to work and during my time there I learnt more about the importance of human understanding in media execution & experience creation.

Some other memorable moments at Starcom include:

  • Winning a major handset launch by gaining more natural search visibility than any other Telco during the launch and for weeks after.
  • Forging a relationship with a technology company that that specialise in automated search reporting software.
Stuart McIlreavy & Starcom's Team Virgin Mobile with Richard Branson

Starcom’s Team Virgin Mobile