I worked at Lowe Profero in early 2014 joining the business just after Profero was acquired by Lowe. Working on a performance team of six I was responsible for managing search performance across a number of client accounts.

Managing the account of a large national restaurant chain I scoped and delivered an optimisation project that grew the businesses annual revenues by $100K+ with a persistent optimisation that would add half a million dollars to revenue over 3 years. The project increased the chains organic exposure across it’s entire network of over 200 stores and delivered a steady stream of high value visitors using purchase / order focused search queries.

Working with a team at a youth support not for profit foundation we focused on identifying technical and structural errors to stabilise the sites performance and steady the performance of high value content pages that had fluctuating rankings.

My work in the performance team focused on implementing solutions to automate time consuming reporting tasks to ensure the teams collective energies were focused on delivering clients insight and activity. In my time at Profero the performance team introduced tools to automate report creation and improved rank tracking solutions.