While living and traveling in Asia I began developing websites for clients, always focusing on achieving high rankings on Google for phrases that were important to their business.

Before I knew it I was consulting for about 5 different clients in Asia, New York and Australia.

I offered a range of different services to clients including:

– HTML / CSS site development
– WordPress development
– CMS development with Modx
– Organic SEO
– PPC Campaign Management
– Media Production (Video / Photo / Audio)

All of my client consultations were successful with many client businesses going from recieving no leads or sales to being the dominant player in their field.

I am passionate about the SEO field as it is so diverse. I think it is a modern intergration of Marketing / PR and Media Production. I believe I will be involved in the SEO industry long in to the future and am looking forward to see the industry evolve.

I was initially contracted by TELF Thailand to help them rank for a term (“TEFL Phuket”) they had been trying to rank for for months. After being contracted I identified a technical error, and achieved a top ranking in a mater of days. TEFL ThailandFrom there I worked for another year to gain rankings important to their business including “TEFL Thailand”.


I worked with Bangkok Base for 12 months whilst living in Bangkok. Bangkok BaseDuring that time I managed most of their digital marketing activities. I was primarily engaged in development and expanded their static HTML site and attached a wordpress blog. I encouraged people within the company to contribute posts to the blog. The blog performed well in search and we began writing posts to target phrases relavant to Bangkok Bases operations (eg. “Thailand Civil & Commercial Code”).

In addition to this I launched an international paid search campaign targeting foreign business people aiming to establish a business in Thailand.

Over the campaign period Bangkok Base experienced a strong increase in conversions from both natural and paid search.

Raimon LandDuring my time in Bangkok I was contracted to provide one of Thailand’s leading developers recommendations on how they could improve their site’s optimisation. At the time they were beginning a campaign to attract Russian investors to their condominium projects in Thailand.

I provided a report to their IT team that made recommendations on how to improve indexation of the site, and improve organic performance of the different language content.

KKCWhilst living, traveling and studying in Osaka I was contracted by KKC to develop their English website. Sakamoto SenseiThe founder of KKC, Sakamoto Sensei, was a Korean migrant settled in Osaka who had setup a successful business teaching foreigners Japanese and training Japanese to become english teachers.

During the time I developed the project I was studying pure CSS layouts and basic SEO techniques. I did all the photoshop work, photography, code, and design on the project. At launch the site performed well for core terms such as “Study Japanese in Osaka”. The site has been live for close to a decade, providing the KKC an excellent return.

Paradise ProductionsParadise productions was the last project I completed before leaving Bangkok to work in London. It was a basic wordpress customisation. I created a simple black wordpress template, added required content, installed and configured plugins such as ligtbox and a contact form plugin. After launch the site quickly to a high ranking for “Bangkok Recording Studio”. The site has been live for several years providing the client strong ROI.