After working at Emperor Design for over a year I was recruited by Britain’s fastest growing digital agency to take on the role of SEO Manager. I joined the team as an Analyst and worked there for 5 months.

Forward 3DMy role at Forward was in the SEO team at Forward 3D, the companies digital agency. I worked with a small team of Analysts and content writers and our main objective was to grow the agencies SEO offering.

Much of my time at Forward was spent working on I conducted several technical audits and worked with the development team at uSwitch to implement the recommendations. uSwitch.comI also carried out training sessions with different business managers (mobile, finance, energy)to give them some direction on how they could generate more organic traffic to their business sections. During the re-desgin of I worked with the User Experience Architect to ensure decisions made did not impact any of the sites existing rankings.

I conducted an initial analysis of the uSwitchforbusines site which highlighted areas where competing sites Uswitch For Businesswere outperforming. From this initial analysis I provided uBu’s managers recommendations on how they could capture valuable terms such as “Business Energy” and “Business Gas”.

Freedom Health were my main client whilst working at Forward 3D.Freedom Health I conducted a technical audit of the site and worked with their development agency to implement the recommendations. We worked through issues such as content duplication on the forum, code errors on the site, indexing issues. We implemented a wordpress blog, and Forward 3D’s writers began adding targeted blog posts. Many of the post we added to the blog began generating traffic instantly from long-tail search phrases.

During the time I worked on the Freedom health site Google changed it’s local search algorithm so that local and organic search results were more deeply integrated. We acted to take advantage of this change, and began working with Freedom Health’s local profile. This reaped immediate benefits including an increase in rankings, impressions & clicks for local locally oriented searches.