My first role when moving to London was with Emperor Design’s digital team. Emperor Design began as a design / print agency producing corporate communications and annual reports. During my time at Emperor the digital team was growing rapidly and consisted of developers, designers, engineers and project managers. I was the first permanent in-house SEO and was responsible for consultation across all client accounts as well as evangelizing SEO throughout the agency. Below are case studies from projects I worked on at Emperor. 

During my time at Emperor I conducted several audits on and consulted on the sites on-going production to ensure strong SEO performance. Consultation covered all aspects of the site from web server configurations, crawling and indexing issues, site structure and link building. The highlight of my time working on was implementing an optimisation recommendation that delivered 100,000 uniques and £30,000 in additional revenue per year. Over the sites 5 year life span that totals to £150,000 revenue through a single SEO recommendation.

The rebuild of Cunard’s global website was developed in Emperor’s Shoreditch office in 2010. The site was developed on the EPiSERVER CMS platform. After the development went live I identified issues with the sites configuration that were causing major content duplication across regional versions of the site. I completed a technical audit and made recommendations on how to configure EPiSERVER and their three international domain names to ensure optimal content performance in search engines. These recommendations were rolled out across, & and will have a significant impact on the networks organic performance over its lifetime.

When I conducted an initial audit of’s global portal, I discovered a common SEO error that many companies experience. Xaar held two domain names, the global and the ccTLD Both domain names were mirrored and over the years links had accumulated into each domain. After making the simple discovery Emperor’s hosting engineer implemented a 301 that re-wrote the whole domain to the corresponding URLs on Within day’s Xaar’s global site hit a top ranking position for the phrase most valuable to their business “Inkjet Printheads”. The initial consultation will ensure the clients site will achieve optimal return over its lifespan and that all other SEO initiatives in the future will bear more fruit.

At the time, Emperor like many other agencies were looking for opportunities to integrate their print and digital offerings. Many clients were having digital annual reports developed but there was little understanding internally about the use of the reports and value to the client. I identified an opportunity to include analytics tracking and an insights report with the digital corporate report. The insights report helped the client understand that a large number of investors and stakeholders were not only using the digital report, but also beginning their journey from a search engine. This helped Emperor secure Cairn’s digital corporate reporting business and allowed us to refine future versions with the insights that we gained from the process.

The main objective in the re-development of Southern Cross Healthcare’s site was to gain greater organic prominence for care home related searches. Before the site was developed I reviewed the existing sites structure and identified that the dynamic functionality of the care home archives was poorly optimised. Search engines were not able to crawl and index the care home archives and the on-site structure was targeted to low search volume phrases. For the sites new development I proposed a site structure that targeted higher volume county and town care home search phrases such as “Kent Care Homes”. I also created a functional spec that allowed developers to produce a care home search / archive structure that was crawlable and would deliver optimal organic performance.

Other client account’s I worked across during my time at Emperor include: