Master Plumbers Association of Queensland. (MPAQ) (2003 – 2004)
During my final year of university I began a graduate position with the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland. My position title was Communications and Public Relations Principal.


During my Final year of University I also held down a full time job at MPAQ. The position was a great learning experience for a soon to be graduate. It gave me a lot of real world experience of what I had been studying. My responsibilities at MPAQ were as follows;

Monthly Magazine:
I was the editor of the monthly magazine “The Queensland Master Plumber.” (circ 2000) Every month I would liaise with the association’s staff, external advertisers and stakeholders as well as the printing company, in order to produce the publication.

Mobile Phone Scheme:
MPAQ runs a program that gives members discounts and monthly saving on there mobile phone bills. During my time at MPAQ I administered the scheme and handled any member enquiries. I also liaised with the staff of Optus and Vodafone to organize campaigns to promote the scheme to association members.

Media Promotion:
For me the most enjoyable aspect of my role at MPAQ was promoting the Associations activities in the local media. I had a degree of success promoting the organizations thermostatic mixing valve training program in Queensland’s local Newspapers. Prior to this it had been quite some time since the Association had seen any media coverage. *See TMV Media Release in Portfolio Items*

Event Organizing:
I played a major role in organizing the MPAQ 2003 annual conference in Noosa QLD. This involved handling member registration, boozing and schmoozing with members, assisting sponsors at the event & managing the I.T requirements of the event.