SAE School of Audio Engineering (2007)
SAE In 2007 I attended the School of Audio Engineering to study Audio Production. The main thing I gained from the course was knowledge of signal flow and mixing. Other areas were post production, audio theory, music theory and Acoustics. Listen to some production examples here.

JLPT Level III (2006)
JLPTIn 2006 I spent most of my Year studying Japanese in Osaka, Matsusaka & Hokkaido. Late ’06 I Sat Level 3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at Sapporo University Hokkaido. Does that mean I speak Japanese? Japanese people don’t think so. But I get the general gist of it.

The University of Queensland (2000 – 2003)
UQ LogoIn 2003 I completed a Bachelor of Communications & Public Relations. Due in part to my inquisitive nature and in part to my scattered nature, I studied in a broad range of disciplines. My main focus was on Social Sciences completing courses in Psychology, Sociology and Behavioral Science. I also studied subjects in the field of communications, completing courses in print production, media management and public relations. Finally I completed a minor in the Information Environments faculty. These courses concentrated on IT and information design and usability.

Lund University Sweden (2002)
Lund LogoIn my third year of university I was fortunate enough to be accepted for a student exchange at Lund University in Sweden. Lund University was founded in 1666. It is the biggest university for research and higher education in Sweden. As well as having an amazing social life and great travel experiences, I studied informatics, Scandinavian history and sociology.

Matthew Flinders College Buderim (1990 – 1998)
MFAcI spent most of my school years at Matthew Flinders, a private anglican school in my home town. The school grounds were nice and the facilities were of a high standard. I had tendencies to arrive at school late in the mornings but I’m sure that this has been forgiven. There were many BMW’s and SUV’s in the car park on a school day afternoon.

Buderim Mountain State School (1986- 1989)
Buderim State School LogoMy first time at school. Primary school from the age of 6 until I was 11. Buderim state school is a nice little public school on top of Buderim Mountain. Reaching back into the memory, my education at Buderim school largely revolved around playing football, getting dirty and occasionally fighting. Good times. Good times.