“Therefore from here on out my hair grow out I care nothin bout opinions.” – J Cole

Wealth First

“My heart my mind was where I had my wealth first.” – Curren$y

War is

“War is hella corny and whack. Why they fly them drones that drop bombs on homes it’s real human lives extinguished.” – Kool A.D.


“Hatred of war will not bring peace, only love of peace will bring about those conditions.” – Seth

Not Me

“Silly human slaves here to mine gold. Not me, i’m here to bring forward heaven on earth.” – Quasiluminous

The way to gain power

“The way to gain power is to regain a command of history.” – Terence McKenna

Let Them

“Let them be afraid of us instead.” – Vladimir Putin

Soon Enough

“A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough.” – Bruce Lee

I’ve Got

“I’ve got a paintbrush that they can’t touch. Went on a date with the devil but I paid dutch.” – Cydel Young

Not all the time its gonna be easy

“Sometimes the things you need in life may be difficult Not all the time its gonna be easy A so it go Smoke the marijuana and get high.” – Sizzla Kalonji