Preventing people with medical conditions from using plants and herbs to treat themselves is a gross injustice. As medical Cannabis legislation sweeps across the USA, Australia can not just wait for another decade before allowing this to happen. Every day we wait people with conditions such as epilepsy, MS and cancer suffer.

I work to expedite the acceptance and legalisation of Cannabis through commercial and direct advocacy projects that reach thousands of Australians every month. Through these projects I aim to dispel the stigma that Cannabis is simply a drug for “pot heads”.

My communications aim to raise the status of Cannabis in peoples perceptions to be seen as a blessing from nature for medicinal use and temperate recreational use.

Cannabis law reform will be easy in Australia if everyday Australians in every walk of life stand up and say “We think Cannabis is ok”. When this happens in Government, Medecine, Business and throughout society reform will happen rapidly.

It’s everyones duty to play a role in expediting Cannabis reform and as soon as Cannabis becomes accepted as part of day to day life in this Country, Australia will be a better place.



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